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Election Department

Head of Department : Election Superitendent
Phone Number : 0712-2567035
Email ID : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

About Department : Election

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. M. T. Dhamecha Assistant Commissioner Mo. 
2 Shri.Surendra Murkute Asst. Superintendent(G.A.D.) Mo.9765490438
3 Shri. Ramesh Gajbhiye U.D.C.(G.A.D.) Mo. 9823114583

Accounts and Finance Department

Head of Department :Chief Accountant and Finance Officer.
Phone Number : 0712-2567008
Email ID : null

About Department :
This office is situated in the civil lines of NMC. All financial matter s related to works executed per NMC budget. Salaries of employees and pension is handled here. The department has embarked on the path of Accounting reforms and has initiated conversion of Accounting System to a Double Entry Accrual Based System.Total number of employees is 55.

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri Amod Kumbojkar Dy.Director Mo.9850441020
2 Shri. M.N Gadage C.A. And F.O. Mo. 9545589937
3 Shri.D.D.Dahake Asst. Supdt (G.P.F) Mo:9765493238
4 Shri.Vijay Gujar Asst. Supdt (Pension)  
5 Shri.Pramod Wankhede    Coordinator-Double Entry Mo.9850796978
6 Shri.Wasudeo Samarth U.D.C. Mo:9923078048

Fire Brigade Department

Head of Department :Chief Fire Officer
Phone Number : 0712-2567777
Email ID : null

About Department :
This department. was established in 1957. 8 Fire stations are at present working in the city. To save life & property during emergencies also to ensure protection from natural calamities like flood, earth-quake,the department strive to do its best. , S is the controlling officer and Shri R D Uchake is the Chief Fire Officer. Total 328 employees are working in the Department.


CONTACT NO.                    :           9765391409


Sr.No. Station Officer/Incharge Station Contact Number
1 Shri.Mohan Gudadhe Lakadganj Fire Station Mo:9765559811
2 Shri. Sunil Gawande Cotton Market Fire Station Mo:9775490433
3 Shri.Sudhakar Kale Narendra Nagar Fire Station Mo:9923101729
4 Shri.Bhimrao Chandankhede Kalamna Fire Station Mo:9923751402
5 Shri.Sudhakar Ramgomwar Sugat Nagar Fire Station Mo:7083044462
6 Shri.Dharmaraj Nakod Ganjipeth Fire Station Mo:9765559817
7 Shri.Anil Barde Sakkardara Fire Station Mo:9765490429
8 Shri.Rajendra Dubey Civil Fire Station Mo:9923101727


Sr.No. Name & Address of Fire Station Contact No.
1 Civil Fire Station,Civil Lines,N.M.C.,Nagpur 0712-2567777/2567029
2 Lakadganj Fire Station,Near Jalaram Mandir,Lakanganj,Nagpur 0712-2760920/2760860
3 Cotton Market Fire Station,S.T.Stand Square,Nagpur 0712-2720355/2720373
4 Narendra Nagar Fire Station,Ring Road,Narendra Nagar,Nagpur 0712-2784381
5 Kalamna Fire Station,Chikli Layout,Near HariOm Cold Storage,Kalamna,Nagpur 0712-2021820
6 Sugat Nagar Fire Station,Near N.M.C. Water Tank,Jaripatka,Nagpur 0712-2044544/2044238
7  City Fire Station,(Ganjipeth),Bhaldarpura,Nagpur 0712-2760906/2760908
8 Sakkardara Fire Station,Near N.I.T.Garden,Sakkardara,Nagpur 0712-2703852/2703829

General Administration Department

Head of Department :Asst. Commissioner
Phone Number : 0712-2267032
Email ID : null

About Department :
This Section is located in Central office of NMC at Civil Lines. The work of this Department is carried out through its sub departments like 1. Committee section 2. Record section 3. BackWard Class Cell 4. Establishment Section. The Department has a total strength of 192 employees. The HOD is shri prakash warade The detail of employees,establishment etc of NMC are maintained by this Department .

General Administration Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. M.T.Dhamecha Asst. Commissioner Mo:
2 Shri. F.S. Ukey Corporation Supdt. Mo:9850642881
3 Shri. Rajan Kale Assit.Supdt Mo:9923116251/183
4 Shri. Rajendra Bhandarkar P.A. to Hon'ble Mayor Mo:9823495322
5 Shri. S.G.Murkute P.A. to Hon'ble Dy.Mayor Mo:9765490438
6 Sau. Pratibha Dupare P.A. to Chairman,Standing Commitee Mo:9823318628
7 Shri.Vijay Mataghare Ruling Party Leader Office Mo:9823313093
8 Shri. Kishor Chaure Opposition Party Leader Office Mo:9765554598
9 Shri. Anil Patil P.A. to Hon'ble Municipal Commissioner Mo:9823245683
10 Shri. Rajen Lanjekar P.A. to Hon'ble Addl. Municipal Commissioner Mo:9823289740

Garden Department

Head of Department :Garden Superintendent
Phone Number : 0712
Email ID : null

About Department :
To Strive for the beautification of the city is its main function.The Department is engaged in renovation of old gardens as per the development plan of the city. At present there are 41 gardens spread over 79.58 acres of land in the city. These gardens are maintained by this dept. Ambazari garden is the biggest one having divine natural beauty. The Head of this Department is Shri. N. B. Shrikhande.It also generates the maximum revenue.

Garden Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. S.M Mate Garden Supdt. Mo:9923796811


                               Education Department


Sr.No. Name Designation. Mobile No.
1 Faruq Ahmed Khan Education Officer Mo:
2 Smt. Kusum Chaflekar School Inspector Mo: 9921616589
3 Shri. Madan Subhedar Astt. Superintendent Mo:9049009131
4 Smt. Meena Gupta School Inspector Mo: 9028560300
5 Shri. Sanjay Dighore HeadMaster Z-1 Mo: 9923760814
6 Smt. Seema Khobragade HeadMaster Z-2 Mo:9764001692
7 Smt. Sushma Bawankar  HeadMaster Z-3 Mo: 9623528976
8 Shri. Subhash Lade HeadMaster Z-4 Mo: 9923164877
9 Smt. Priti Bandewar School Inspector Z-5 Mo: 8484986327
10 Shri. Dhanraj Dabhekar School Inspector Z-6 Mo: 8446830483
11 Smt. Veena A. Lonare HeadMaster Z-7 Mo: 9326377873
12 Sheikh Kasim Sheikh Daud HeadMaster Z-8 Mo: 9423107375
13 Shri. Qazi Mujahuddin HeadMaster Z-9 Mo: 9326813963
14 Smt. Maya Pajai School Inspector Z-10 Mo: 9665617260
15 Shri. Sudhir Koramkar Asst. Teacher Mo: 9623214775
16 Shri. Manish Dumre U.D.C. Mo: 9823480250

JnNURM Department



JnNURM Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri.Pravin Deshmukh I.T. Officer Mo. 9765552603
2 Shri. Sandip Lokhande Public Health Engineer Mo. 9765552605
3 Shri.Amit Mishra Enviromental Officer Mo. 9765552606

· Committee Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Harish Dubey Secretary Mo. 9823352544
2 Shri. Vilas Fadanvis Asst.Superintendent  Mo. 9923032343
3 Shri. Rijwan Khan Reporter(Hindi) Office:0712-2567032/116
4 Sau. Pushpa Chandrikapure Reporter(Marathi) Office:0712-2567032/116

Establishment Department


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. D K Dhote Asst.Superintendent Mo: 8600128120
2 Shri. Vinayak Ambilduke S.G.C. Mo: 9823587051

· Social Welfare Department


· Public Relations Department


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Ashok Kolhtkar P.R.O (I/C) Mo. 9923810137
2 Shri. Pradip Khardenvis Publicity Assistant(I/C) Mo. 9764442405
3 Shri. Rajesh Wasnik Clerk Mo. 9923020815
4 Shri. Dilip Tandle Leading Fireman Mo. 9370798930
5 Shri. Vasanta Khandekar   Mo. 9765131985

· Public Work Department (City Engineer and Development Engineer)


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Manoj Talewar City Engineer Office:-0712-567022
2 Shri. S.M Neral Development Engineer Mo. 9823022712
3       Shri.M.G Kukreja Executive Engg. Mo:9823022715
4     Shri.D.G Jamgade Supt. Engg. Mo:9923596010



· Water Work Department


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri.Sanjay Gaikwad Exceutive Engineer Mo. 9823059358
2 Shri. Manoj Ganveer Sectional Engineer Mo.9823387604
3 Shri. Sharif Sectional Engineer Mo.9823128272
4 Shri. S.A.Waikar Jr. Engineer Mo.9923296630
5 Shri. P.R.Amde Jr.Engineer (Elect.) Mo.9049009106
6 Shri. M.B.Siriya Jr. Engineer(Elect.) Mo.982390556
7 Shri.M.P.Sangidwar C.E.A Mo.9673004086

Civil Court Agent Department


Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. V.D.Kapale C.C.A. Mo:9923751403
2 Shri. Prakash Barade C.C.A. Mo. 9823098624
3 Shri. Suraj Paroche C.C.A. Mo. 9823724784

Birth And Death Department


Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Smt. Ranjana R. Lade Dy. Commisioner/ Statistical Officer  Mo. 9765550214

· Central Quality Control Laboratory Department


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Avinash Barhate Incharge, CQC Mo. 9823313098
2 Shri. Sanjay Mate Jr. Engineer Mo. 9823316645

· Pench Project Department


Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri Aniruddh Chauganjkar Executive Engineer(Pench Project) Mo:
(Ex. 137) 0712-2567025
2 Shri.Mohm. Israel Dy.Engineer Mo. 9823163902
3 Smt. Kalpna Mesharam Asst. Engg. (E & M) Mo. 9823011762
4 Shri. Suresh Bhaje Ju. Engineer Mo.9823634600
5 Shri. Rajesh Dupare Ju. Engineer Mo.9823526400
6 Shri.Sanjay Gujar C.E.A. Mo.9326938245

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Borkar Executive Engineer(Project) Office:0712-2542831
2 Shri. Avinash Barhate Dep. Engg (Admn. Bldg. Project) Mo. 9823313098

Head Of Department: Shri. Harish N. Dube
Contact No.:9823352544

Library Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Harish Dubey Library Superintendent Mo:9823352544
2 Shri. P. B. Sharma Librarian (Kasturba Vachanalaya) Mo:9823313070
3 Shri. I.C. Mishra Asstt. Librarian (Rashtramata Kasturba Lib.)  Mo:9823305624
4 Smt. Sapna Dulhani Asstt. Librarian (Smt. Uhsarani Mahila Lib.)   Mo:9370173583
5 Shri. Aslam Khan Asstt. Librarian (Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Sandesh   Mo:9423402081
6 Shri. Omkar Lakhe Asstt Librarian (Jawahar Library)   Mo:9373176947
7 Shri. Habib Asstt. Librarian (Sar Sayyad Ahmad Khan Lib)   Mo:9373176947
8 Shri. Dandekar Asstt. Librarian (Chhatrapati Shiwaji Maharaj Lib)   Mo:9373176947
9 Shri. Vasantsa Kale Asstt. Librarian (Shabbani Pathya Pustal Lib)   Mo:9881083713
10 Shri. Ninawe Asstt. Librarian (Shabbani Pathya Pustal Lib)   Mo:9423110454
11 Shri. Kulkarni Asstt. Librarian (Raje Raghuji Bhosle Lib)   Mo:8805951720
12 Shri. Bhute Asstt. Librarian (Chhatrapati Shau Maharaj Lib)   Mo:9850339351

Departmental Enquiry Section

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Ghanshyam Payal Department Enquiry Officer Office:-0712-2567032-128
2 Shri. R.V. Telange Presentation Officer Office:-0712-2567032-107
3 Shri.Kelwatkar Special Desk Officer(Enquiry) Office:-0712-2567032-177

Property Tax Department

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. C.G.Dhakate Tax Assesor Mo:9823313097
2 Shri. Milind Meshram Asst. Commissioner Tax Mo:9823330934
3 Shri. S.D Vaidhay Asst. Superitendent Office:-0712-2739010 - 206
4 Shri.Gautam Patil Asst Superitendent Mo:7387054300
Office:-0712-2739010 - 206


Health Department(Sanitation)

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. Milind Ganvir Dy.Director Of Health services Mo:9823063952
2 Dr. Dasalwar Homeopathy Doctor Mo:7028098669


Health Department (Medicine)

Sr No. Officer's Name Designation Contact Number
1 Dr.Savita Meshram Health Officer(M) Mo:9545508211
2 Dr.Swati Matkari Medical Officer (I/C)(IGR) Mo:9823315342
3 Dr.Chaya Lanjewar Medical Officer (I/C) Panchpaoli Dispensary Mo:9823246704
4 Dr.S.S Shinde Medical Officer (I/C) Isolation Hospital Mo:9372398006
5 Dr.Shilpa Jichkar Medical Officer (I/C) Diagnostic Center,Sadar Mo:9881374633
6 Dr.Anil Chiwane Nodal Officer(R.C.H) Mo:9373213053
7 Dr.S.S. Shende Nodal Officer (Epidemic,Immunization) Mo:9823010136
8 Dr.K.B. Tumane Medical Officer(C.T.O) Mo:9765490451
9 Dr.Narendra Bahirwar Medical Officer(I/C),Late.Prabhakarrao Datke Hospital,Mahal Mo:9049009133
10 Dr.Bhavana Sonkusale Medical Officer(I/C),P.N.D.T. Mo:9921164567
11 Dr.Sunil Ghurde Medical Officer(School Health) Mo:9673009098
12 Dr.Atik Ur Rehman Khan Medical Officer(H.Q) Mo:9823398301
13 Dr.Dipankar Bhivgade Co-ordinator Health Camps,PPP Mo:9673004082
14 Dr.G.P. Pawane Co-ordinator Medical Officer(Swine flu) Mo:9673004083
15 Dr.Mahalle Veternary Officer Mo:9923005604
16 Dr.M.I. Seerajit Veternary Officer Mo:9765550212
17 A.R Warale Asst.Superintendent Mo:9823095538
18 Shri.Rajkumar Meshram Store Incharge Mo:9923009462


WorkShop Department

Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri.Ujjwal Lanjewar Mech. Engg. Mo:9823330938
2 Shri.Dhurin Bhotmange Vehicle Inspector Mo:923009461
3 Shri.Manish Kayarkar Asst. Workshop Inspector Mo:9823245686
4  Shri.Kiran Meshram Asst. Mechanic Mo:9890364743
5 Shri.Vikram Mankar Tax Collector Mo.:9823159157


Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Smt. Thool Asst. Director Town Planning Mo:9922852582
2  Shri Pravin Sonure  Town Planner/Dy. Engg.(I/C) Mo:9970616170
3 Shri. R. S. Bhute Dy. Engineer Mo:9823098621
4 Shri. Bisen Jr. Engineer Mo:9923299400
5 Shri. Nimje Jr. Engineer Mo:9923425899
6 Smt. Dandekar Jr. Engineer Mo:7276761002
7 Shri. P. H. Holey Jr. Engineer (I/C) Mo:9923373902
8 Shri. A. P. Gedam Jr. Engineer Mo:9923140220
9 Shri. N. S. Bobde Jr. Engineer Mo:9823274661

Head Of Department:Shri. Sanjay B. Jaiswal

Executive Engineer(Elect)
Contact No.:9823172908

                               Electrical Department

Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri. Sanjay Jaiswal Executive Engg. (Elec.) Mo:9823172908
2 Shri.A.S.Mankar Asst. Eng. (Electronics), Zone no. 1,3,5,9 & 10 Mo:9823118048
3 Shri.Saleem Iqbal Asst. Eng. (Elect.), Zone no.2,4,6,7 & 8 Mo:9823118038
4 Shri.R.U.Rathod Junior Eng. (Elect), Zone no.1 Mo:9823062765
5 Shri.G.M. Tarapure Shift Engg.Zone no.2 Mo:9823092975
6 Shri.P.K. Rudrakar Shift Engg.Zone no.4 Mo:9823177281
7 Shri.S.B. Dhage Shift Engg.Zone no.5 Mo:9823093695
8 Shri.V.K.Maraskolhe Asst. Engg(Elect.) Zone no.6 Mo:9823069765
10 Shri.M.M.Baig Asst. Engg(Elect.) Zone no.8 Mo:9823093831
11 Shri.Khobragade Tech. Asst.(Elect.) Mo:9823019765
12 Shri. Khobragade Tech. Asst.(Elect.) Zone no.9 Mo: 9823019765
13 Shri.N.B. Salodkar Junior Eng.(Elect)Zone no. 10 Mo:9823092680

Head Of Department:Shri. Umredkar

Designations: Market Superintendent

Mobile No.:9850642881

                               Market Department

Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Shri Umredkar Market Superintendent Mo: 9923694689
 2 Shri. K. Satfale Inspector Mo: 9975053641
3 Shri. Arun Panjabrao Satpute Jr. Clerk Mo: 9923351011
4 Shri. Bashirkhan Lalkhan Jr. Clerk Mo: 9860475827
5 Shri. Mangesh Deshpande Moharir (H.Q.) Mo: 9923385045
6 Shri. Ganesh Pilley Hawaldar (H.Q.) Mo: 8605475349
Dharampeth Zone - II
1 Shri. M. J. Joshi Inspector Mo:9960667944
Dhantoli Zone - IV
1 Shri. M. K. Ramteke Inspector Mo:9767965812
2 Shri. D. P. Bhanuse Moharir Mo: 9822068001
3 Smt. Seema Meshram Moharir Mo: 9823335079
Gandhibag  Zone - VI
1 Shri. S. B. Kukankar Inspector Mo: 9960351481
Satranjipura  Zone - VII
1 Shri. M. B. Jivtode Moharir Mo: 9890472301
Lakkdganj  Zone - VIII
1 Shri. R. V. Shivankar Inspector Mo: 9766023521
Aasinagar Zone - IX
1 Shri. P. D. Rangari Moharir Mo: 9326049292
Maglwari Zone - X
1 Shri. S. R. Tumane Inspector Mo: 9637409720
2 Shri. K. J. Kanhere Moharir Mo: 9422113100
3 Shri. Kunal Motghare Hawaldar Mo: 9823540144

Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Rajesh Gurmuley Mechanical Engg. (HMP) Mo:9823082097
2 Prashant Sonkusare  Junior Engineer Mo:9823316644
3 Udaysingh Khandate Civil Engineering Assistance Mo:9823098361
4 Dhekal Sonekar Plant Operator Mo:9823029287

Sr No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Mr. Mahesh Gupta Traffic Engineer Mo: 9823167153
2 Shri Ajay. N. Dahake  Assistant Engineer Mo: 9420963217
3 Shri.Gautam Engineer Assistant MIDC and south area Mo:9822513985
4 Mrs J. S. Kherde Civil Engineer Assistant and East area Mo: 9923402446
5 Mrs P.A Joge Civil Engineer Assistant and Indora North Zone Mo: 9923879157
6 Mr. Bavne L.D.C Mo: 9021249801
7 Jyoti Khobragade L.D.C Mo: 9921251433





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