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Nagpur Municipal Corporation

My City,Clean City,My Responsibility --Hon'ble Mayor Shri. Pravin Prabhakarao Datke (click here to see related news)

Vision for the City

As a result of workshops and numerous consultations with NMC officials and stakeholders in Nagpur, the vision for Nagpur is emerging as follows

The Growth Nucleus of Central India

- An eco city that provides adequate, equitable, sustainable access to urban services for all citizens

- A city that is safe, livable and promotes growth of its citizens", is Nagpur city’s vision statement in the City Development Plan (CDP).

NMC would support the theme of Nagpur attaining a key position in IT, ITES and health services related industries. It would also support industrialization in its hinterland and promote education, culture and tourism.

Mission Statement

To achieve the growth and vision described above, certain mission statements were also defined for every focus area. Some of the key mission statements are given below

- 100% coverage in water supply and improved service levels
- 100% coverage in sewerage collection
- Improved road safety and better traffic management through provision of flyovers, bridges, parking facilities, etc
- 100% solid waste collection efficiency and disposal of waste in an environment friendly manner.


Hon'ble.Shri. Pravin Prabhakarao Datke ( Mayor)


             Welcome to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation`s new web portal. This portal is designed to provided accurate and easy to use information on  Nagpur Municipal Corporation`s services and programs. We hope that you find this website useful and helpful.

              For those of you that have chosen Nagpur as your home, you already appreciate the qualities that make NMC a special place. Your own municipal government provides many important services including water supply, sewerage service, street maintenance, solid waste management, sanitation & urban health, care for protection of city environment, primary education, fire & emergency service, etc., services to name a few. As a result of a long-time philosophy of innovation, the city government leads the way in providing services in the most efficient ways possible. Continued innovation, including technology investments, process re-engineering, and the use of private contractors rather than public payrolls, makes our services the least expensive possible.

We also encourage people`s participation and community participation to showcase the other urban local body of the India. You can be assured that together we can continue to work to make our community a special place. We are happy to have you as a part of the community. The web site will play a major role in this regard.

The residents of Nagpur can be assured that the NMC`s staff and myself are proactive in taking steps to maintain and improve the quality of life for our residents.

I hope you will find this website helpful for gaining access to the information you need about our great city. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions please tell us.

Deputy Mayor

Hon'ble.Shri. Satish Vitthalrao Hole ( Deputy Mayor)


Nagpur is a city of Great history right from the ancient times i.e. period of maharajas to the period of past independence, many events  are  remarkable in this city.  In 1960 on 1st may when Maharashtra state was declared we got a state of Marathi people.

We are celebrating the golden jubilee year of Maharashtra this year.On the occasion I appeal to the people of Nagpur to keep our city clean and green, Kindly pay your taxes regularly, Avoid the wastage of drinking water, Follow the traffic rules, Use the public vehicles for transport, Avoid all types of pollution to save the environment.



Municipal Commissioner

                                                                             Hon'ble Shri. Shravan Hardikar, IAS (Commissioner)


Welcome to the official web portal of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Nagpur. We aim to provide services to the residents of Nagpur in an   efficient and user friendly manner and reduce inconveniences caused to the public for getting information from various departments. This web portal is an endeavour in this direction and your cooperation and suggestion to improve the same are welcome.









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