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Property Tax

Notice Number Notice Title Description Download
19/06/18 Notification Annual Letting Value Calculation
18/05/18 Notification लिलाव झोन 10
18/05/18 Notification हुकुमनामा  झोन 10
29/11/17 Notification लिलाव झोन ०९
30/10/17 Notification जाहीरनामा-शर्ती आणि अटी
08/09/17 Notification Pomplate - Self Assessment of Tax
08/09/17 Notification Annual Letting Value Calculation
11/08/17 Notification Tax Notification
16/08/17 Notification Tax Notification
24/11/15 Policy Note  New assessment policy from 2015-16 for tax calculation
15/01/15 Notification Tax Notification
29/03/16 Notification Tax Notification
27/03/17 Notification  Tax Notification




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